Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Restoration commences!

I hope there's no Pepsi cans carelessly left on the road!

And so it begins...

Old Vs. New.

First step in retsoring the sarge to it's glory was to re-lower it. While I was at it I threw my front camber kit on, in preperation for corner-weighting and setup that should come later in the month. I adjusted camber by-eye after some fun trial and error (So.Cal camber, y0!) The end result is the car is 20mm lower than it was when it was at it's lowest. The rear coilovers are wound all the way down, which is a shame because it's not quite tuckin' tire. The front however is nicely tucked... no more full-lock... pah... like, when do you ever use that anyway?

Mmmm... Missing arch liner.

Some "modification" (read: cutting with scissors) of the inner fender (aka: Arch liner) was required, its a snug fit, but I like how it handles now!

The "error" part of "Trial and Error"

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