Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Well, the paint-match SUCKED. Thanks bodyshop!
But, if there's anything I've learned from this project so far, it's that the ingredients to success are experience, hard-work, patience, and doing everything your fother-mucking self!

So, I had to make the old paint match the new. Quite a challenge with 9yr old paint. The process:

-Washed the whole car with a bucket of water + washing up liquid and a whole bunch of elbow grease!
-Clay-bar'd the car to stop myself from "rubbing-in" any crap into the paintwork.
-Cut the paintwork back with Farecla G3 cutting liquid.
-T-Cut the car with good old carplan T-Cut polish.
-Waxed the whole car with Carnauba wax.

I'll post up a side-by-side before and after later. But these pics show the shiny factor.

From the ashes...

and so the Phoenix rises from the ashes. Well, okay, more like the Panda crawls from the deer-accident damage, but... that just doesn't sound as cool, ya know?

Oh, you KNOW I'm bad.

S0 JDM! y0!

Still need to do the bumpstrips!



s0 fresh.
Main reconstruction complete, just tidbits to do! (bump strips, handles, the like)
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Back to Black

Okay, the bodyshop painted my shiz, but they painted the fact brake ducts and the main intake struts white. It looked hella-lame. I masked it off, and sprayed the stuff black myself. DIY fo' lyfe, y0!
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Home entertainment heaven

My life is complete, y0!
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Rattle-Can Powah!

The one man spray shop was in full effect. Ghetto-fabulous rattle cans. Everyone loves orange peel, right? Plonked my wing next to it for colour comparison. Swish.
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