Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stage one begins

Late night fitting is the way forwards. Suspension fitted after lots of bleeding knuckles and curse words. Mad props to my bro Rich for helping out.

Wheels fitted the same night, I think the wheels got on at about 11pm or something sick. I really should learn to start earlier. There's not much light when you drop a lug nut.

My bro Rich working his magic. Hard-turning, Hard-hitting, Hard-tightening... he does the manual stuff.

Test flight. This shiz is so fast it goes back in tiiiiiiime.
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Monday, September 25, 2006

Tyres! YaY!

Yokohama/Advan A539 in 205/45/16
YaY, I can finally fit some shiz, about time these things arrived. I do like the A539s, mean looking tread pattern. Although having "Sumer Tyres" as my winter tyres seems a bit...yeah.

I guess we'll see. Hope it doesn't rain...oh...wait... this is England. Hmm.
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Friday, September 22, 2006

Wheely good.

Rota Slipstreams 16x7 in Matt Black.
Yeah, I know they're not Spoon, but whatever; I can't afford that at the minute. These are gonna be my winter wheels and trashed to hell anyways, mabye some TE37s for my summer rims, or Spoon SWs. Hmm... but yeah, I'm digging Rota!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


More Parts Arrived!

Lug Nuts

Errr.... Okay, these are a bit ebay-chic. They're certainly lighter than stock, and better looking...but... they look a bit tachy, and the finish on them seems a bit cheap. Meh, they'll serve their purpose I guess! Gotta have tuner lug nuts if you wanna roll O.G. style, no? :/

EK9 style grille

Non-OE EK9 grille, '99 spec. First piece in my 99 front end conversion puzzle.


Supersonic Blue Pearl is the sex. So, I decided to spray my under-car strut bars SSBP...yeah...because now all the worms can see how hella pretty that colour is. You see, I'm always thinking about the worms.
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Monday, September 11, 2006

s0 JDM, y0!

Wind deflectors AND soshinoya? That's so JDM, yo! Haha. Well, it had to be done. On a more serious note, the wind deflectors rock, all cars should come with them as stock. Much less wind annoyance, but still get good airflow. Now A/C isn't needed... less weight. Yeah!
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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Slam that biatch

First Part Arrived!

Time to start this project. I think I'll probably end up importing some higher-end suspension at a later date, but in the UK the choice isn't all that great. Anyway, I settled for a SPAX RSX coilover kit. Adjustable ride height and damper bound/rebound. It should hold out as good street suspension.
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