Friday, January 26, 2007

Trying it on

Ripping off the old front was easy, even with it all caved in and crap. However, my car is missing both front and rear bumper beams... erm... the car was previously owned by a grandma, so unless she was REALLY into weight reduction, I just dont know where they've gone. Hmm. I'll investigate!

The 2a.m. fitting club made an appearence, this time with special guest DJ James Blowa. 2a.m. at 0 degrees celcius and peeing it down with rain. Swish. Mad props to Jay and Rich for holding it down though. As usual, I was acting supervisor.

^A shot in the daylight. Hmm... to the bodyshop!Well, bodyshop is booked for in one week, so the blog may be quiet for a week. But when February comes, the Sarge returns!
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another Package Delivered...

Another package from a far-away land... this time America. :] What could be inside...

Ta-Dar! The final piece of the '99 spec front end puzzle! Now I just need my bonnet replaced, and the rest spraying, and it's JDM time, bitches! Hahaha. The only concern with these lights is that I think they're different to UK ones as far as sidelights go. Well... to the point that I dont think american cars have sidelights. LoL. Hmm. Well, the Japanese ones have "City lights" but I think they're like sidelights...mabye...? I dunno. Whatever. As long as they make the dark light, and flash when I wanna turn, it's all good. I'll probably have to put some masking tape on to get through an MOT too... because the kick-up will be on the wrong side...but... whatever. This is the price we pay for the JDM lifestyle, y0!
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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to full (mechanical) health

Did some tinkering today. It basically came down to fitting the new tires, re-attaching the rear anti-sway bar, adjusting the rear camber, and lowering the ride height 15-20mm more. I'm gonna see how it sits, mabye lower the front a little more. The back however, is now all the way down as low as the Spax RSX coilover will let it go. Sniff sniff.

Mechanically my car is back to A plus condition. Just need to sort out my mashed up bumper, and it'll be happy days.
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I Love Nuts!

I Love Nuts!
Haha! Ahem...erm... yeah. Lug nuts. These little pieces of metal are the only thing that keep your wheels from careering off their hubs as tremendous forces pull and push your car through it's 4 small feet of metal and rubbery goodness. They're also what stops some random from stealing your £1,400 worth of RAYS VOLK TE37s. Futhermore, don't underestimate the weight issue. 4 stock nuts weigh approximately 200grammes. Thats the difference between a Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 and a OZ Super Leggra.

Bah, who the hell am I kidding? It's all about aestetically value. I just love looking at nuts!

The Entrants

1. Stock Honda OE Lug Nut for use with steel wheels + plastic wheel trim
2. ROTA wheels lug nuts. Acorn ended.
3. eBay crap-o-rama "tuner" nuts. Acorn ended, but really small contact patch.
4. RAYS Duraluminum anodised long lug nuts. JDM, y0!
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Weigh in

8x Honda OE nuts = 420g
210g per wheel
53g per nut
(+/- 0%)

8x Rota lug nuts = 490g
235g per wheel
61g per nut
(+15% over stock)

8x eBay Lugo Crapo Nuto = 350g
175g per wheel
44g per nut
(-17% over stock)

8x RAYS long lug nuts = 240g
120g per wheel
30g per nut
(-44% over stock)

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Monday, January 08, 2007

New Rubber

So, this looks like it will be my winter setup. Yoko/Advan Paradas up front, with Yoko/Advan A539s on the rear. The A539s are better at clearing water, so in the wet she should be more sure footed at the back. Oversteer in an FF is just hell. In the dry, the Paradas should provide more grip, meaning the back should slip first, which should cancel outthe natural understeer of the FF.

Now, just need to fix my busted-ass bumper, and The Sarge will be tearing up the streets again.

P.S: The flash is broke on my camera, thus all the pics are hella blurry... I'm working on it... I swear EVERYTHING I own is broke at the moment...
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Friday, January 05, 2007


Man. What a ball-ache.
Apparently Yoko phased out their A539 pattern. I only needed ONE, I scoured half the damn country and no joy. So, I settled for Advan PARADAs. 205/45/16, same as before. I'm gonna run these at the front, with my 539s on the back. They have good reviews, but I dont think they have anywhere near the looks of the 539s. And, we all know... its alllll about the looks.

Will update when they're fitted!
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's HERE!

A Box.... what could be inside... hmm... looks mysterious... ZOMG CARBON FIBRE BONNET. Hella-sick.
At last, the final piece of my '99 spec puzzle is here. After 5months of waiting and collecting parts. I'm gonna run down the spray shop tomorrow and get my pieces sprayed up...oh...uh...wait... whats that?

LAAAAAAMEEEEE! LAME LAME LAME LAME! Cracked! WTF? That's some serious BS! Well, more waiting I guess.

Grrr. So pissed.
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Monday, January 01, 2007

Oh Deer.

Deers have to be the motherfucking dumest animals on the planet. Dumb bambi piece of shit jumped right infront of me. What the fuck! So glad I was going slow. Well... a great start to the new year. Guess I better get my new front end on ASAP.

In the mean time, I have this hella JDM-style plate to wear. Representin' y0!

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