Thursday, July 27, 2006


Shit. Don't speed kids, the cops will catch you. Meh, my county is the speed camera capital of the country, so... I guess it's just another price of motoring. For the record, it was a mobile speed van. Sneaky bastards!

Meh, life goes on!
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Proving Trials

Stock tests. The Benchmark. Look at that terminal speed! 82.2mph! Woah...thats like... rocket fast...yeah....for a turtle.

The only way is up I guess. time... rather. :/
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This is the start.
A blank canvas, a fresh start, a dent in my bank balance!

a 1997 Honda Civic Ek3. Factory standard with a D15Z6 with 36,000 miles on. Man. That 97 front end if FUGLY. A '99 front end conversion is definately on the cards. Also looking to drop in a B18C5, and...well... I can't reveal ALL the plans, else you'd have no reason to keep reading!

Fell in love at first sight when I saw it. The painwork is divine. "Frost White" although it doesnt carry quite the love that I have for "Championship White" mabye a respray :pFirst time I floored it, I was totally underwhelmed. I mean, I'd read about VTEC, I'd driven cars in video games with VTEC, but I put my foot down in 3rd gear at 2,000 rpm and there was just NOTHING. lol. It felt like I was driving my mum's old 800cc Hyundai Atoz. I quickly let off the gas so as to not crush my dream further. Shortly afterwards, I decided "fuck it, lets see what's it's got" put it in 2nd gear, about 10mph... floored the gas... Nothing...nothing...nothing... 5,500rpm... woah woah woah... change change change!and thats when I fell in love. The "VTEC-Grin" made it's first appearence. And this is only single-cam VTEC.
Woah. I want my B18 nowww!

Peace, and me out.
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